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AniSOFT Aviation Consultants provides assistance to lessor, airline and aircraft operator during their aircraft for lease tenure, by monitoring them for compliance of the terms of lease, and also as per the policy and guidelines under Article 83 bis, regarding the management of an aircraft lease to ensure the regulatory obligations are met and that operational safety is not compromised by the conditions of the lease.


Leasing aircraft can result in varied and complex safety situations, particularly if an aircraft registered in another contracting state is to be operated in India by an Indian Operator. Coordination is required between the orgnization providing the aircraft and the operator as well as the regulatory authorities concerned.


Monitoring an aircraft as required by regulation and at pre-defined interval for its condition and auditing its technical records can save an investor significant financial burden and operational safety during the lease term. AniSOFT Aviation Technical Consultants can be engaged as Aircraft Managers on behalf of Lessor / Operator  for their commercial and corporate aircraft fleet.


As Asset Managers and Aviation Consultants, we can provide aviation technical services and reports for your assets tailored, to meet your specific requirements. Our aviation consultants team can provide technical monitoring and records management to aviation industry in India and worldwide, which comprises of the following services: 

  • Carrying out pre, mid or lease return on-site appraisals, acceptance checks and inspections.


  • Periodic inspection of - aircraft, records management and maintenance procedures.


  • Monitoring of regulatory compliance of AD / SB incorporation and status.


  • Tracking of rotable component changes when due.


  • Status of certification, maintenance programme, manuals and technical record-keeping.


  • Oversight audit of airframe and engine heavy maintenance.


  • Monitoring monthly utilization and maintenance status.



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