AniSOFT Aviation Technical Consultants provides aircraft research, on-site appraisal, audit, advisory and inspection services in India and worldwide. Our company has established many asset resource relationships within the aviation industry and marketplace. ​


During research and selection of aircraft the most important requirement is to obtain the maintenance status information data. AniSOFT Aviation is able to assist in this area by performing a full airworthiness review and the technical history / records of the aircraft on behalf of airline / operator's, for the concerned aircraft.


AniSOFT Aviation offers services ranging from a simple review of summary data to performing a full and in-depth airworthiness review. The more the in-depth and comprehensive review process is prior to selection, the less likely it is that errors will be made when selecting the aircraft. ​


Whenever AniSOFT Aviation Technical Consultants is engaged for confidential aircraft sourcing and re-marketing projects, we are able to use our industry relationship and are able to deliver aircraft at attractive prices. AniSOFT Aviation services undertakes every project seriously and uses our full aviation technical services and knowledge base for every assignment. ​


Whenever Airlines / Operators induct new or used aircraft into their fleet, they require the services of experienced Technical Managers to assist them with the selection / audits / delivery / lease return of the aircraft. Such demand can be extremely difficult for airline / operator to handle in view of their Operational Technical Services demand. This is where, AniSOFT Aviation is able to assist the airline / operators in taking delivery re-marketing of aircraft.


To properly serve you, it is important for us to establish an agreement with you. Hence, we would like you to download our Mandate Form and the Questionnaire Form, fill it up as per your requirements on your company letter head, signed by an authority with the company seal and mail it to us . This will enable us to represent you, and enable us to proceed further with research and negotiations in aircraft sourcing and re-marketing on your behalf.



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