AniSOFT Aviation Consultants recommends that after selection of leased aircraft and prior to delivery, AniSOFT Aviation sends an appropriately experienced and skilled Technical Consultant on client's behalf to perform a Technical Inspection / Review of the Aircraft and its historical Technical Records. Such a review is performed to the standards of the applicable Airworthiness Requirements.


Following the inspection and review our Aviation Consultant will produce a detailed report which offers an insight into the compliance status of the Aircraft with lease return conditions, current airworthiness requirements and general airline/operator standards. This report will offer a summary which can be used to identify any shortfalls which can be discussed and remedial action planned.


Further to the production of the Technical Inspection Report, a list of open issues will be prepared for discussion by AniSOFT Aviation. We recommend discussions with the Lessor at this stage to plan the Delivery program including planning the Work scope.


Taking into account the findings of the Pre-Delivery Technical Inspection and also taking into account the consequential list of open issues, during delivery AniSOFT Aviation will perform an on-site review of the aircraft records for final compliance with Lease Delivery Conditions and Airworthiness Regulatory Requirements. The findings of the Pre-Delivery Inspection will be used to steer AniSOFT Aviation consultant through this process however diligence will also be exercised to ensure that any changes to the condition or content of the records will be picked up if any have been affected since the Pre-Delivery Inspection was performed and to close out all discrepancies raised. ​


Following the on-site review, AniSOFT Aviation will produce a control document listing all of the non-compliance's (areas where the aircraft has not met the delivery conditions of the lease agreement or fails to meet airworthiness requirements). Such a document can be used to manage the delivery process and will enable all parties to track the progress of remedial action with respect to these items. AniSOFT will then, if required participate in meetings with the Lessor to discuss the progress of remedial action and monitor plans to address any shortfalls.


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