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Whenever Commercial or Business Class Aircraft are Leased or Re-delivered they should be routinely inspected and audited to find out their Maintenance Status to ensure that all the discrepancies observed are resolved and disposed off as per the terms of lease of the aircraft. If these discrepancies are not found and resolved in a timely manner, they could add significant maintenance cost to the airline and the lessor.


Routine aircraft physical inspections by AniSOFT Aviation on leased aircraft are the most affordable and comprehensive in the industry. These technical inspections may include records audits depending on the lease term.


Our team of Aviation Consultants check the aircraft management history by physically inspecting the aircraft and its records and report their comprehensive finding of outstanding Airworthiness Directives, Hard Life Limited Components, Maintenance Intervals and other Time Life Critical Items compliance on the airframe and engines. We also compile listings of all the outstanding aircraft maintenance items. ​


These reports can help in resolving the discrepancies in time thereby reducing the aircraft maintenance cost during the lease period. ​


AniSOFT Aviation Inspections / audits includes Maintenance Management Status, Damage Mapping, full AD & SB Audits, Regulatory Compliance, Compilation of Time / Life Limited Data, Shop Visits Details and Component Overhaul Life. ​ Our reports also include all certificates and important log entries copies and photographs.



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