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AniSOFT Aviation can perform on-site physical audit and review of the aircraft records for the purpose of obtaining the compliance status of regulatory requirements, aircraft current maintenance status etc. as required by the operator. These audits of records may include back to birth searches during aircraft lease, re-delivery, lease return and pre-purchase Inspection.


The findings of the records audit will produce a control document listing all Outstanding Airworthiness Directives, Hard Life Limited Components, Maintenance Intervals and other Time Life Critical items on the airframe and engines. (areas where the aircraft has not met the lease agreement or fails to meet airworthiness requirements). ​


Such a document can be used by Airline / Operator / Lessor to manage the non-compliance and will enable them to track the progress of remedial action with respect to these non-compliance items. 


Few of the services we provide to aircraft lessor and operator:


  • Survey and audit of Aircraft Records

  • Assessment and Review of Lease Agreements

  • Warranty Management

  • Management of records during Aircraft Delivery and Returns transactions

  • Solutions tailored and optemized to meet the client requirements








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