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Technical Advisory for Airline and Aircraft Operators
Aircraft Damage and Maintenance Assesment

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We provide Technical Advisory Services for existing and new start-up companies within the following areas, our aviation consultants provide the necessary consultancy and expertise during engagement with your company. 


Technical Representation: 


We provide on-site maintenance oversight and other technical representative services to airline, aircraft operator and lessor worldwide. On site representation helps the airline / operator / lessor to discover the discrepancies during the Scheduled Heavy Maintenance, lease returns, non-routine MRO visits.​..explore further!        


Damage Assessment: 


Anisoft Aviation provides assistance in Inspections, dent mapping, assessment of aircraft and major component damage for aircraft's involved in Accidents and do we carryout damage assesment!


Lease Management: 


Our aviation consultants provide assistance to monitor aircraft leasing and ensure compliance of lease terms / regulatory requirements to lessors, airlines and aircraft operators for their do we help!


Technical Records Audits:


Anisoft Aviation can perform an on-site physical audit of the aircraft records for the purpose of obtaining the current status of the subject aircraft and these records may include back to birth searches during aircraft leasing, lease return, pre-purchase Inspections...what do we audit!


Maintenance Audits: 


Our pre-purchase and re-delivery inspections are the most affordable and comprehensive in the aviation industry. These technical inspections may include full back to birth audits depending on the lease term...when and how we do it!


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