AniSOFT Aviation Consultants can carryout airline feasibility studies and analyze the the statistics so obtained to find out marketability, profitability and ultimately the suitability of the proposed business plan.


Our technical consultants during engagement with your project, carryout feasibility studies, analyze the necessary reports and data collected during the field study and the archived statistics to conclude the results. 


Based on these findings,  we are able to plan and optimize the resources required for the project., define projected time-lines and cost analysis, assist in aircraft sourcing with-in the time-line and assist in certification and project implementation. Find below few example of how we collect and derive the data for our projects:  


Sample Statistics for a Scheduled Air Operator with a narrow body fleet:


SAMPLE FARE COMPARISON CHART (Click the chart to zoom)
























SAMPLE POFITABILITY CHART (Click the chart to zoom)






















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