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Frequently Asked Questions about Mandatory Manuals Requirement:


- What exactly is a Mandatory Manual / Document?


A Mandatory Manual is a document listing the responsibilities, procedures, process, actions by various divisions of an operator / airline to ensure regulatory and mandatory actions are complied with during the operation and maintenance of the aircraft fleet, as per the scope of approvals granted by the regulator.


The copies of the manuals have to be submitted for prior approval of the concerned authorities. The manuals have to be serially numbered and distributed to each department for compliance. They are to be kept current with the latest revisions and changes in the regulations.


- Am I required to have Mandatory Manuals / Documents?


Yes mandatory manuals are required as per the scope of approval being obtained from the regulator (A list of manual as required for the type of operation can be provided by us). You have to prepare these manuals and the specified number of copies have to be submitted by you to the regional certification office for approvals before you start your proposed operations.


- Will I need to interact with the REGULATOR during the Manuals approval process?


The REGULATOR expects and requires the operator's involvement in the process. You are required to submit your manuals after they have been been prepared by AniSOFT Aviation. Also, you may need to interact directly with your Regional Certification Office to resolve any open issues found during the review process. AniSOFT Aviation would provide all assistance as necessary for the changes required.




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