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AniSOFT Aviation Technical Consultants specializes in providing Advisory Assistance for Aircraft Certification, AOP / MRO approval, required documentation and pre-audits, aircraft research, sourcing and leasing as required for business.


We assist you in structured regulatory process development, authoring of manuals, compliance with CAP-3100, CAP-8100, CAP-8200 CAR-145 MRO and AOP approval process in the most economical manner to comply with the regulatory requirements and within the targeted time-lines.


Few of the tasks we, specalize in:


  • ​Advise you on the formalities to be completed.


  • Advise you in detail of the tasks required for certification and their completion time-lines.


  • Advise you how best to comply with the Regulatory Framework.

  • ​Assist the operator to comply with the regulatory requirements during the process of obtaining or maintaining an AOP, approval and aircraft certification for operations, maintenance of aircraft.


  • Optimize your organization, processes, and resources to enhance your performance whilst complying with regulations.


  • Advise you on for the most suitable and economical selection of aircraft type based on the type of operations.

  • Help you operate your aircraft fleet in a domestic and international regulatory environment and managing their safety.

  • Assist you to enhance safety management and reduced risk factors.


  • Advise you on setting up various departments / shops / process manuals and infrastructure.


  • Advise on documentation preparation and approvals.


  • Advise and carryout optimization of maintenance facilities.


  • Advise on  appropriate tooling and equipment requirement.


  • Help in the inventory optimization.


  • Assist you in sourcing qualified and experienced technical / operational personnel including Post Holders.



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