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AniSOFT Aviation Consultants can help in providing oversight for MRO and airline regulatory compliance for all commercial aviation activities.


We have first hand experience in regulatory compliance processes, together with the operational experience with airlines and major air operators, our aviation consultants can offer regulatory process support and advice to airline, aircraft operator and maintenance start-up project who are desirous of obtaining approvals and certifications.


We assist you in regulatory compliance, certification and its implementation including:


  • Part 145        Maintenance Organisation Approval

  • Part 147        Maintenance Training Organisation Approval

  • Part M           Continuing Airworthiness Management

  • CAP 3100     Air Operators Approval (AOP)




Our strategy is to Continuously Analyze and carryout Routine Surveillance Checks to measure the effectiveness and performance of operations, maintenance, inspection, and internal evaluation programs which, in turn are important for the continuous monitoring of internal process, program, and procedure and to locate deficiencies / non-compliance within system, program, process etc. The outcome of which, checks and reflects on the policies and procedures with reference to the framework and ensures actionable correct decisions in time, to ensure the applicable regulatory framework are in place and are being followed.


We, continuously review all Civil Aviation Regulations issued in order to ensure that your business operates at optimum performance within the current regulatory framework in a timely manner.




We assist and advise you on the regulatory compliance in the most structured, economical and phased manner with targeted time-lines for each process as detailed below:


  • Decide on Business and Operator Type.


  • Check Regulatory Requirements for the Type of Operations. ​


  • Appraise and guide the Operator about the business implications.


  • Carryout a Feasibility Study.


  • Apply to the Regulator's for type of operations.


  • Develop Documents / Procedures / Set up Infrastructure / Employ manpower as required.


  • Evaluate and establish, that Documents / Procedures / Set-up meets the regulatory and operator requirements.


  • Certification - Regulatory Technical Assessment Team would review complete process / document / setup / demonstration phase and, if meets the requirement would finalize Ops & AOP Specifications and issue Approval.



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