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Industry Perspective - Aviation


Aviation is highly Regulated and Process Optimized industry. It requires considerable aviation management expertise and experience for qualifying and to get involved in this kind of business, and in which there is considerable time period involved for gaining profits.


How does it affects your Business...


Since being highly regulated and process optimized industry, the business activities of the operator / airline requires various regulatory approvals, licenses, registrations and permissions. Each authority may impose its own requirements or delay / refuse to grant approval, even when the same permission / license has already been granted in another jurisdiction.


The company’s operations and / or profitability could be adversely affected if it fails to obtain, in a timely manner or at all, or comply with the conditions that may be attached to, such approvals, licenses, registrations and permissions.


This is where our Aviation Experts step-in and ensure your company's continued regulatory compliance within the projected and targeted timelines.


Human resources is another important factor for success in this industry, therefore the regulations and client requirements require experienced crew and expert maintenance services.


Our Consultants advise and help you out in sourcing right kind of talent.


An important consideration for selecting a particular aircraft is the cost of operating the aircraft. Airline operating costs can vary significantly from one aircraft type to another. The main factors which determine the cost of operating an aircraft includes fuel efficiency of an aircraft, the route network (aircraft utilization, average stage length), crew costs and maintenance costs. Maintenance costs are further impacted by the cost of labour as well as material cost.


The Aircraft Fuel Prices continues to be higher than the global market rates, Fuel accounts for almost 35-40% of the aircraft operating cost. Thus, any variation in Fuel prices or undue volatility in the same could adversely affect the profitability margins and the operational efficiency of the company.


The Airline / operator also has to pay most of its aircraft lease rentals in foreign currency and also imports a significant portion of the spares, special tools and equipment, used in its business and as a result it is subjected to foreign currency fluctuations. Therefore, such fluctuations may have effects on the results of operations of the company.


Our technical advisory and aviation consultancy services helps you in carrying out research and sourcing for right kind of aircraft fleet with low lease rentals, maintenance and crew cost and suggest the optimum utilization, routing options, within the regulatory compliance to ensure low operating costs without compromising with safety.



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